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Re: 答复: evolution: chinese text with standard font is illegibly pixelated

On Tue, 2013-04-02 at 00:49 -0700, CHEN Xing wrote:
> Drew,
> Can you please attach a screen shot for the problem you're reporting?

Attached is a screenshot and the Print-To-File pdf of HeChi Lau's message.

> I'm not using Debian now, but I believe
> /etc/fonts/conf.d/65-nonlatin.conf is generally the right file to look
> at. Try to move WenQuanYi Zen Hei (or WenQuanYi Micro Hei) to the
> front of the list of "preferred" alternatives for "serif" and
> "sans-serif" fonts.

It's a bit confusing. Swapping entries
in /etc/fonts/conf.d/65-nonlatin.conf  doesn't seem to make any
difference to the evolution display. 

(I copied the symlinked 65-nonlatin.conf  to 66-nonlatin.conf and then
deleted 65-nonlatin.conf.  I tried to invoke the font changes with
"dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig" ).

In the evolution preferences I can change the display.  The main text of
the email is set by the Monospace font.  The Standard Font is used for
the Subject line. It's not clear which monospace font is used as
fallback.  It looks like WenQuanYi Bitmap Song (can see that in Gnome
Character Map), but there's no WenQuan entry in the monospace section in

If /etc/fonts/conf.d/65-nonlatin.conf were the problem, then why would
the fallback fail only in evolution, not in Gnome Character Map or

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