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Re: 答复: evolution: chinese text with standard font is illegibly pixelated


For the non-Chinese speakers, Luo Yong translated my question, and
HeChi-Lau replied that the fallback mechanism for the font must be
failing for Chinese characters.  

(my Chinese is not actually good enough to read their writing, but I was
curious to see that Google Translate could actually do a good job here).

HeChi-Lau's comment about the fallback mechanism does sound right.  That
probably makes the bug a matter of Internationalisation (ok, i18n)
rather than a specific bug in evolution (if it were related to
evolution, it would be more in the gtk or pango libraries anyway, I

Looking at the fonts using the Gnome Character Map, Cantarell (Gnome
default font),  Sans (Gnome Document font) and Monospace (Gnome
monospace font) all show CJK characters in the "CJK Unified Ideographs"
block, evidently proper OpenType (i.e. clean resolution, not bitmapped).

But that may not be proof that that the fonts themselves have the
characters, since the appearance of the CJK characters in the Gnome
Character Map does not change between these fonts.

It seems, then, that Gnome Character Map satisfactorily performs font
fallback, while evolution does not.

If I copy the Chinese text I wrote above into LibreOffice, it
automatically gets assigned the "WenQuanYi Zen Hei" font.  I suspect
this must be the fallback font which Gnome Character Map uses.  Oddly,
LibreOffice does not offer me a "Sans" or "Monospace" font. If I assign
them manually, or assign Cantarell, the appearance of the Chinese text
does not change (the same fallback font must still be used in

By these tests, it is evolution which has the bug.

Are there other ways to test character fallback in the fonts?

中人们,用Gnome Character Map和用LibreOffice,我的汉子是好。只用


On Tue, 2013-04-02 at 13:47 +0800, HeChi-Lau wrote:
> 可能是字体设置不正确,导致使用了fallback字体。检查字体设置,确保是有中文字符的字符集。
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> Subject: 答复: evolution: chinese text with standard font is illegibly pixelated
> 谁能帮这位解决一下?evolution里面字体显示非常粗糙(我怀疑用了点阵字体),但是浏览器里的字体显示就非常好,我也不知道是字体的问题还是邮件本身的问题
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