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Re: i18nspector results for Debian packages

Quoting Jakub Wilk (jwilk@debian.org):
> i18nspector[0] (until recently known as gettext-inspector) is a tool
> for checking gettext PO(T) and MO files, written by /me. A few days
> ago I run it over all source packages in the archive (debian/
> directory only for non-native packages). It emitted over 30 thousand
> tags, most of which were either boring (not affecting end users) or
> false-positives. I manually filtered the most interesting ones; the
> result is attached to this message.
> Have fun fixing these problems. :)

Thanks for this work, Jakub. I'll workon fixing and identifying most
of these issues, if I can. Indeed, now is a good moment forthis as my
won Debian activity rate is low, mostly because I can't domuch helping
out in the release (most remaining RC issues and bugs I've looked at
ae not things I can work on).

We apparentlyhave encoding problems on somePO files, which is
unfortunately not a surprise, given the various ways software can
still break encodings (mostly a known bug in mutt and a bug we hadin
the BTS, several months ago, that was leading to doubleencoding
ofattached files).

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