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SV: DDTP stats/graphs

>> I'm looking for a list of the 200 most translated package
>> descriptions which does NOT have a Danish translation.
>> Can anybody make such a list?
> I like the idea very much!
> Any other metrics like this people can think of?
> Rationale: packages with good translation support are easier to add new
> translations to as you can use the work from other languages to build
> your translation (I tend to use nn, nb, da, de when I do sv for
> instance). And packages with good translation support generally have
> maintainers that are easy to work with when it comes to translations =)

Cross language statistics are something we don't have yet. But it
seems that "descriptions translated in X but not Y" would be
interesting to track.

Don't think it would be that difficult (not a programmer, so take that into consideration), but it seems we actually have the information (not organized in file or database style, but still there).


has all the needed information

it and uk is translated the rest not

this information is calculated at one point (on the fly), but isn't it possible to run this code e.g. once a month for a number of chosen languages, register for each package yes or no for translated for a language and then calculate for all no-answers either the number of translations in other languages or a count for not translated. That list can then be sorted showing the desired list.


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