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R: Coordination pages and localization material moved from i18n.debian.net to {i18n|l10n}.debian.org

> snip..
>Given the quite loose coordination we had up to now, it is VERY likely
>that some links are broken (particularly in wiki pages). Please fix
>them as you find them...or report them, if they're on the website.

Hi all ;)

I'm a little new to Debian and I'm not sure of how to fix this.
In [1] there is a broken link (404) to [2]:
I think that it should be changed in [3].

Mirco aka scottmir

[1] http://l10n.debian.org/coordination/italian/it.by_translator.html
[2] http://i18n.debian.net/debian-l10n/docs/robot/pseudo-urls.html
[3] http://l10n.debian.org/coordination/01static/pseudo-urls.html

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