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Double gzipped files from i18n.debian.org

We seem to be running into a strange problem.

You may have not noticed but we recently switched some material
hosting host from i18n.debian.net (machine named  churro in
Extremadura) to i18n.debian.org (machine named tye, under Debian
System Adminstrators control).

So, if you go to a page like
http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/sv, links there
are all on i18n.debian.org now. I was about to announce this when...I
noticed the problem.

If you for instance click on a link like "keystone", then try to get
the templates.pot file
the file you get is.....gzipped twice!

However, on the file system of i18n.debian.org, the file is indeed
gzipped once. So the problem is NOT in the scripts that gather the
material but more probably in the web server setup.

So, to translators, if you happen to get "broken" files from the l10n
pages....just try to gunzip them twice..:-)


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