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Re: RFR .po header

On Sb, 23 iun 12, 10:49:09, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> You may still want to:
> - decide what copyright you want to use. Assigning to "GNU screen
> contributors and packagers" is fine. You can also take the copyright
> for you. Some (including /me) prefer assigning it to the
> debian-l10n-<language> mailing list). That's *your* call as that's
> *your* work

Hmm, my understanding of the template was that I should mention the 
copyright of the package not the translation. Could you post an example 
of assigning copyright to -l10n- list?

> - add Plural-Forms header for ROmanian. There is no plural form in
> this PO file but it doesn't hurt. 

That was my reasoning exactly as searching for that string meant 
additional work (vim know or use it).

Kind regards,
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