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Re: Bug#660965: xfonts-traditional translations, unfuzzed

Quoting Ian Jackson (ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk):

> Thanks to taffit and symoon on #debian-i18n who were very helpful with
> information and advice.  I would like to emphasise though that the
> decisions I have explained above were entirely my own and if I have
> done something wrong it's my fault and not theirs.

Thanks for the great care in handling this, Ian. It's much

This update was complicated because the workflow we have for these
reviews is not very well adapted to the case where the maintainer is
very "picky" about proposed English changes (no offense intended)
*and* very busy elsewhere to be ableto properly react to proposed
changes, particularly in the final summary.

I should have detected that (after all, I know you for years) and
probably adapt the delay left when I sent the final changes. Indeed,
such a "short" delay is due to many maintainers just simply silently
ACKing our changes, so we often end up in losing a lot of time waiting
for them for nothing. But, in your case, you even asked explicitely
for such delay and I should have trusted you to give feedback one day
or another.

Anyway, thanks to you for the time you invested in thisand thanks to
David and Simon for helping you out on #debian-i18n while I wasn't
available to discuss the issue.

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