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Re: Bug#660965: xfonts-traditional translations, unfuzzed

FYI I have just uploaded xfonts-traditional 1.5 which contains all of
the translations from the tarball provided by Christian Perrier.
Thanks, Christian.

There is one wrinkle I need to bring to your attention, though.  As
previously discussed, I have not accepted all of the changes suggested
by debian-l10n-english.  However, the translation templates were based
on the English text as proposed by debian-l10n-english.  Therefore
there are some differences between the English texts on which the
translations were based and the actual English texts in the package.

Almost all of these differences relate to minor points of style.  It
seems to me that these shouldn't make much if any difference to the
correct translation.  For example, if I prefer to have the messages
use the first person, there is no problem for a translation to use
the third person.

There was one change which I did not accept which I felt was actually

  You should not remove xfonts-traditional while "fixed" refers to one
  of its fonts.  You probably want to check the differences between the
  various /etc/X11/fonts/misc/xfonts-base.alias*, reconcile any
- and then run "update-fonts-alias misc".  After that you can retry the
- removal.
+ and then run "update-fonts-alias misc".

Nevertheless, this change seemed minor enough that the translations as
they are are probably more useful to users than the English messages.
So I followed the instructions in the Developers' Reference to unfuzz
the translations.

If translators consider it worthwhile, I would accept further updates
to the non-English translations.  Personally I'm sure translators have
more important tasks right now but I thought you should be told.

Thanks to taffit and symoon on #debian-i18n who were very helpful with
information and advice.  I would like to emphasise though that the
decisions I have explained above were entirely my own and if I have
done something wrong it's my fault and not theirs.

You can see exactly what I've done in my git repo here


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