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Re: Plans for a Debian i18n sprint "towards i18n.debian.org" in Paris, June 15th-17th

On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 05:40:54PM +0200, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> A "Debian i18n sprint" has been loosely discussed in the last weeks,
> either on this mailing list (that gathers people involved in the
> maintenance of the Debian i18n resources) or on #debian-i18n IRC
> channel.

YAY, I've been hoping for this to happens for a while now :-) Thanks!

> Also, we've recently been offerred by Martin Bagge a hosting machine
> named "skumbanan", hosted in Sweden, which could host services as well
> in case they can't be moved immediately to i18n.debian.org.

This part, is really between you and DSA. I see as a project goal to
have the localization infrastructure hosted on DSA-administered
hardware. But for this to happen you need to reach out to each other,
discuss the mutual needs for this to happen, etc. Having someone from
DSA taking part in the sprint might be an efficient way to do so, but it
depends on people availability, of course.

> All this is a strong motive for organizing a Debian i18n sprint as
> soon as possible. DebConf 12 is not really an option as it seems that
> too few of the i18n people will really be there.
> Being (it seems) one of the key people for this, I proposed to
> schedule the meeting to a date which would be convenient for me..:-).

Good, as that reduces the discussion time for finding a date :-)

I'm a bit worried about the conjunct effects of (1) organizing a sprint
on a short notice and (2) sponsoring the travel costs of people
traveling oversea. We have routinely done (2) in the past, and that is
not a problem, but doing it on a short notice makes cost go up a lot
(depending on how short the notice is...). Anyhow, as it is clearly
better to have this sprint on a short notice than not having it at all,
I don't have any a priori objection.

Please follow the guidelines at http://wiki.debian.org/Sprints , and in
particular please arrive to the point where you have a rough idea of the
sprint budget. We'll worry about money at that point.

And given that to pick a date you'll likely need a venue ...

> Also, I assumed that IRILL, in Paris, that already hosted some Debian
> sprints, could host another one. Zack can probably help in this.

... yes, IRILL is generally available for Debian sprints. Please check
with Sylvestre Ledru to avoid double "bookings" of its facilities, but
AFAICT there are no big events planned before the summer, so it
shouldn't be a problem.  For completeness, we also have Logilab as an
alternative venue in Paris; see http://wiki.debian.org/Sprints/Venues

Looking forward for this sprint to happen!
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