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Plans for a Debian i18n sprint "towards i18n.debian.org" in Paris, June 15th-17th

Hello folks, and Stefano,

A "Debian i18n sprint" has been loosely discussed in the last weeks,
either on this mailing list (that gathers people involved in the
maintenance of the Debian i18n resources) or on #debian-i18n IRC

The maint motivation of this meeting are the problems we're facing
with the current i18n.debian.net server, hosted since 2006 by the
Junta de Extremadura, in Spain. This server is reaching its EOL but
many Debian services do indeed depend on it:
- DDTP and DDTSS infrastructure (translation of packages descriptions)
- i18n tracking robots used by several localization teams
- gathering of l10n material pointed by pages under

During DebConf 11, some work was done by Felipe Augusto van de Wiel
and Nicolas François along with DSA to prepare an i18n.debian.org
machine that could host these services.

Also, we've recently been offerred by Martin Bagge a hosting machine
named "skumbanan", hosted in Sweden, which could host services as well
in case they can't be moved immediately to i18n.debian.org.

All this is a strong motive for organizing a Debian i18n sprint as
soon as possible. DebConf 12 is not really an option as it seems that
too few of the i18n people will really be there.

Being (it seems) one of the key people for this, I proposed to
schedule the meeting to a date which would be convenient for me..:-).

Also, I assumed that IRILL, in Paris, that already hosted some Debian
sprints, could host another one. Zack can probably help in this.

So, I would propose trying to organize this.

Of course, the meeting is meant to be opened to anyone, as any Debian
meeting. However, there are a few "key" people who I really would like
to see attending:

- Felipe Augusto van de Wiel, as the person who prepared i18n.d.o
  Felipe would need to come from Brazil
- Nicolas François, as the one who helped him
  Nicolas would need to come from...Paris..:)
- me as benevolent dictator..:-). I would need to come from Paris suburbs...
- Martijn van Oosterhout, as the person who is the most aware of the
  DDT* things. I think Martijn lives in the Netherlands
- Martin Bagge, who offerred help many times, has already a login on
  churro (the current machine). He would need to come from Sweden
- Michael "grisu" Bramer, who designed and maintains the DDTP...but he
  already mentioned it's quite likely he couldn't attend. He would
  come from Germany (Rhein-Ruhr region, afaik)
- maybe 1 or 2 persons from the DSA team, who could help in taking
  good design decisions for the hosted services. If I'm correct, most
  DSA team members live in western Europe.
- maybe David Prévot or someone else from the debian-www team. I
  mention David here because he's deeply involved in both www or i18n.
  David would need to come from Martinique and, being a teacher, is
  quite likely to *not* be free at that time.
  But I guess most other debian-www folks would qualify too
  (Francesca,Kåre, Rhonda first come to mind)

Again, that would not be a closed "cabal" meeting and anyone is free
to come, however, travel funding would not be guaranteed outside the
aforementioned people (though this is certainly not *my* decision.

As of now, all details have yet to be decided and discussed. The only
thing I am sure about is the date : that week-end is the only one
where I can organize the meeting and attend it, before summer. 

So, at first glance:
- who, among the people mentioned above, could attend such meeting?
- who did I forget? :-)
- Zack, is IRILL a possible option (the meeting would be Friday,
Saturday and part of Sunday. I would propose people to arrive on
thursday and leave on Sunday or Monday).

Of course, once things are secured enough, I'll announce the meeting
the proper way, as described on
http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DPL/SponsoringGuidelines. But, first, I
need to have a good idea about the meeting being possible..:-)


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