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Re: [debian-mysql] Bug#630949: Announce of an upcoming upload for the mysql-5.1 package

Quoting Nicholas Bamber (nicholas@periapt.co.uk):
> Christian,	
> 	When you sent the last email I had no write access to the MySQL
> repository. I do now so I cna incorporate any updates and avoid the
> awkwardness of an NMU.

Yes, I was guessing something like this when I saw your commits (I
always subscribe to packages' PTS when I work on an l10n NMU). So, of
course, I will not NMU the package but rather send a final patch when
the translation round is over (using the patch is not mandatory if you
commit files as they come....you'll just know that I have checked the
validity of incoming files).

THanks for your answer, Nicholas.

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