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Re: [DDTSS]: the German team

On 26/02/2012 21:34, Martin Eberhard Schauer wrote:
Davide Prina wrote:
In Sid stat

I see German team has translated the initramfs-tools, but how has it
done that?
Well, now I have to share how to cheat ;)

aaargh!!! :-(

- go to the DDTP package page (1)
- from there go to the latest version (2)
- download your version (3)
- sed -i 's/Description-it:/Description-it.UTF-8:/'
- translate the headline
- send a mail

hmmm. But what happen if the long description has been changed?
You translate only short description...

Translate squeeze descriptions and hope for the repair
of the system. The system will propagate the headlines of your work
to newer descriptions with unchanged headlines.

Probably Squeeze will be old stable in 6-10 months.
Better to translate for Wheezy... if you can...

for (i=MAX_VALID_INDEX, b=0; b < LIMIT; i--, b++)
examine http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=$i
if [no-translation for $i]; then
pull $i into DDTSS (using curl)
translate as usual

91153 is xmaxima package, I have translated it right now.
The diff is only for the short description...



Description: 124667
This Description is active
This Description was in wheezy from 2012-02-02 to 2012-02-26;
This Description was in sid from 2012-01-23 to 2012-02-26;
Description: 122383
This Description was in wheezy from 2012-01-23 to 2012-01-23;
Description: 91153
This Description was in sid from 2012-01-22 to 2012-01-22;

So I have not translated xmaxima for Wheezy, the next stable, and
I can see that the xmaxima 99153 has been only in Sid. So I have translated it for nothing, nor Wheeze, nor Squeeze, nor Sed, nor anything else :-(
91553 was only in Sid and now have a new description on it.



1: http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?package=initramfs-tools
2: http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=125363
3: http://ddtp.debian.net/ddt.cgi?desc_id=125363&getuntrans=it

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