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Re: Adding Sindhi to debian-installer

Quoting Abdul Rahim Nizamani (abdulrahimnizamani@gmail.com):
> Hi,
> I am Abdul-Rahim Nizamani, and I am a coordinator for the Sindhi
> translators group for Ubuntu at Lauchpad. I tried to get my language
> "Sindhi" into the debian-installer package in Ubuntu, and got the
> following response which says I should get this language included in
> the upstream.
> Can anyone help me how to start the process for adding Sindhi to
> debian-installer? Here are the details for this new language:


I will be your contact for this process. The process of preparing the
addition of a new language to Debian Installer is made of several
steps which are described by the documentation Colin Watson pointed
you to.

We'll go through these steps one by one, by private mail. Indeed you
completed a few of the first steps by sending the mail I'm answering

I'll go into details a little bit later, when I take the needed time
to respond and process your mail. Anyway, welcome on board!

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