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Re: Downloading all the po files

Quoting Andrew Smith (asmith16@littlesvr.ca):
> Hello
> I am working on a project (which I'll be announcing as soon as it's
> ready to be used, within a couple of weeks I hope) and I found this
> website: http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po/index.en.html
> What fascinates me about it is that it has a list of all the po
> files for all the software in Debian.
> I'm wondering: is it possible to download all these files
> automatically, without clicking on each one?
> I would like to get every po file for every piece of software in
> every language. Ideally I would like to know which software each po
> file is from. Is there an FTP with just the POs? Or a version
> control repo? Or a tarball? How do you populate your website?

ATM, only the po-debconf data is gathered into a single file :


These are "only" the translations for debconf templates, files are
32Mb in size?

We have the needed data for all other PO files, on i18n.debian.net and
they could indeed be collected into a giant tarball. However, the
current size of the directory is....1GB for either unstable or

I actually see no real reasons for not creating such tarball and I'm
doing it right now for unstable. Should be available in a few minutes
and, from now it should be updated every day.

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