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Downloading all the po files


I am working on a project (which I'll be announcing as soon as it's ready to be used, within a couple of weeks I hope) and I found this website: http://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po/index.en.html

What fascinates me about it is that it has a list of all the po files for all the software in Debian.

I'm wondering: is it possible to download all these files automatically, without clicking on each one?

I would like to get every po file for every piece of software in every language. Ideally I would like to know which software each po file is from. Is there an FTP with just the POs? Or a version control repo? Or a tarball? How do you populate your website?

It's for a good cause I promise!

Otherwise I'd have to scrape them off the website, which seems like a lame thing to do :)



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