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Re: [Debian-l10n-devel] Churro down....

2012/2/1 César Gómez Martín <cesar.gomez@gmail.com>:
> 2012/2/1 Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>:
>> Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):
>>> Quoting César Gómez Martín (cesar.gomez@gmail.com):
>>> > Bad news!
>>> >
>>> > The system administrator has not been able to fix Churro. "Some of the
>>> > services are not working anymore", that's what he told me. :((
>>> >
>>> > He tried to reboot it several times with no luck. What should I do?.
>>> Well, with only this information I have no idea.
>>> What services? What is displayed on screen? I actually feel like I'm
>>> talking to one of my Windows users, sorry to say this..:-(
>> Sorry, César, that may have sounded a bit harsh, but it was late
>> yesterday...:-)
>> I thought about all this all night long and Im in trouble coming with
>> a good answer.
>> As long as we can't ssh into the machine, we're in much trouble.
>> What would be nice is to know whether someone can login locally and
>> check why incoming ssh isn't working (maybe failure in DNS
>> resolution?).
>> What would be nice also is to know whether the machine at least
>> bootscompletely up to a "login:" prompt. I can hand out my own
>> account/password if needed, so that someone you trust can sudo on the
>> machine (I don't have anythign sensitive on it).
>> The alternative might be bringing back the machine at a place where
>> *you* could help out debugging things and put the machine back online
>> (even with a reduced bandwidth) and try restoring an incoming SSH
>> access.
>> That would allowconsidering an emergency transfer to the virtual
>> machine that is ready to become i18n.debian.org
>> It would also help if Felipe could tell us whether he feels like
>> i18n.debian.org is ready enough to temporarily host i18n.debian.net
>> (which means not beign under DSA control yet).
>> In short, it would help if I wasn't feeling alone trying to restore
>> things back, with only your help, César (thanks again for it) while
>> you're 150kmaway from the machine.
>> /me, slightly depressed by the situation.
> Don't worry, I understand your concerns. I am also frustrated because
> of not being able to help more from here... :(

Churro is working again, the guy opened the box and apparently one of
the HD cables was not properly plugged. Let's see if it works for at
least 6 years more... :))

He told me that, despite he is busy he is happy to help Debian.

Best regards,

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