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Re: [Debian-l10n-devel] Churro down....

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):
> Quoting César Gómez Martín (cesar.gomez@gmail.com):
> > Bad news!
> > 
> > The system administrator has not been able to fix Churro. "Some of the
> > services are not working anymore", that's what he told me. :((
> > 
> > He tried to reboot it several times with no luck. What should I do?.
> Well, with only this information I have no idea.
> What services? What is displayed on screen? I actually feel like I'm
> talking to one of my Windows users, sorry to say this..:-(

Sorry, César, that may have sounded a bit harsh, but it was late

I thought about all this all night long and Im in trouble coming with
a good answer.

As long as we can't ssh into the machine, we're in much trouble.

What would be nice is to know whether someone can login locally and
check why incoming ssh isn't working (maybe failure in DNS

What would be nice also is to know whether the machine at least
bootscompletely up to a "login:" prompt. I can hand out my own
account/password if needed, so that someone you trust can sudo on the
machine (I don't have anythign sensitive on it).

The alternative might be bringing back the machine at a place where
*you* could help out debugging things and put the machine back online
(even with a reduced bandwidth) and try restoring an incoming SSH

That would allowconsidering an emergency transfer to the virtual
machine that is ready to become i18n.debian.org

It would also help if Felipe could tell us whether he feels like
i18n.debian.org is ready enough to temporarily host i18n.debian.net
(which means not beign under DSA control yet).

In short, it would help if I wasn't feeling alone trying to restore
things back, with only your help, César (thanks again for it) while
you're 150kmaway from the machine.

/me, slightly depressed by the situation.

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