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Re: Exploring the possibility of an l10n upload of w3c-linkchecker to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Quoting Nicholas Bamber (nicholas@periapt.co.uk):
> Christian,
> 	I have the strong impression that this is an automated email and
> w3c-linkchecker has been caught in a drag net. I feel that there is
> something untidy about non-maintainer uploads. So for this package I
> would much prefer if I (or some other member of the Debian Perl Group)
> could handle this.

The mail is not automated. Indeed, I picked this package because it
shows "high" in a page that gives me good targets for possible l10n
uploads or NMUs.

Indeed, you're right that the bug I mailed is the wrong one. This is
indeed a copy/paste error and a good proof that things are not

I changed this to #611653

> 	In w3c-linkchecker we have one i18n bug (655446) that is ready to go
> and one bug (611653) that needs another look from the
> translator. The

Yes, but the "right" thing to do in such case is to use the
translation anyway and let translators catchup later on.

Anyway, this is not a problem.

You're right that the translator could have followed up to your mail
sent on Feb 11th when you notified him that templates changed in the
meantime and he would need to update his work, though.

> bug mentioned in your email (614598) is nothig to do with i18n and so I
> suspect your drag net script has a bug. The issue is not doing a release
> as that is just a few minutes work. The issue I have is that it seems a
> waste for so little gain - especially with the freeze still a way off.
> If you could round up the translators I know it would get acted on
> quickly, if not by me then by someone else in the Debian Perl Group.

This is exactly the point : rounding up translators and give those
that are active a good chance to send their work.

You're right that we are not close to the release (though I think all
maintainers should now get their packages in shape) but please think
that there are hundreds of packages with debconf translations and I
can't humanly not nag them all during the last weeks..:-). So, I start
early and I start with packages that have the oldest l10n bugs.

Indeed, my proposal here is what I wrote un my mail (you'll notice
that the mail doesn't talk about NMU but rather opens doors to give
you some help in gathering more translations) : I send a call for
translation updates and, at the end of the 1-week update period, I
send you a summary and let the upload up to you, when it's convenient
for you (as long as this doesn't happen in 2 or 3 months..:-)).

Would that be OK for you?

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