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Re: Reminder for qpid-cpp translation updates

Am 19.11.2011 14:33, schrieb Helge Kreutzmann:
On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 02:12:52PM +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
Quoting Cajus Pollmeier (cajus@naasa.net):
> Christian, I'm not familiar with the translation process, but I've already updated the de translations in svc.

That's fine, thanks for your commitment. The "reminder" actually only means that it would be nice to give translators 2 more days before an upload. Of course, even if they're late, they have great chances that
their translation is used anyway...particularly with efficient
maintainers like you. Indeed, the "final" mail which I'll sendin two
days only means that I won't "follow" the package anymore, that's

It would just be good if German translators would complete their
translation. Also, among the 7 "usual suspects" (languages that are
targeting 100%), we're also missing Portuguese and Swedish. Danish is
also likely to show up at some point.

As I understood, Cajus is dooing the German translation? It would be
great, however, if he could forward it to debian-l10n-german for
review (or at least reply to the initial mail to debian-l10n-german so
that the team knows about the work beeing done).

If I'm wrong please inform me ASAP so that a German translator can
update the translation in time.


Helge, you got me right. I've already done the de.po.


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