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Re: Bug#645850: lxc package debconf templates

On 11/15/2011 07:19 AM, Christian PERRIER wrote:
And, of course, I also regret the
poor wording of these extra templates, which lintian does send
warnings for (particularly interrogative form in long descriptions).
It's not like it's your first debconf templates..:-)

again, i see nothing wrong in adding them and improving them at a later point.

As written in another mail, the same happened with live-build and this
is apparently a proof that we can't communicate with each other.

for one thing it's prooving that, again, 'reviewers' don't know the package they're reviewing, get sometimes on "the wrong path", and when they do, it's very likely nobody from the maintainers do notice it time due to the complexity and maintainer unfriendlyness of the whole process (for live-build, this stuff gets to debian-live mailinglist, so a bunch of people did miss it, not just me).

conclusion is therefore that I can't conduct reviews for your
packages, Daniel.

fair enough, have a good live then.

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