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Re: Bug#645850: lxc package debconf templates

On 11/14/2011 02:27 PM, Justin B Rye wrote:
(Just for a start, why is that package called "linux-container"
rather than "linux-containers"?  Is it perhaps an unwise
abbreviation of "Linux Container tools"?)

package names are not and should not use plurals if they are generic.

Wouldn't that rule out package names like "coreutils", "lm-sensors",
and "locales"?

no, those are fine, since they do provide stuff in plural.

the group of packages that i had in mind was e.g. kernel packages. i guess you'd agree that they should not be named linux-images-2.6.$something.

The package "linux-container" does not provide either one Linux
Container or many Linux Containers.  It provides utilities for the LXC

no, it applies the necessary modifications to a normal system in order to make that usable as a container for lxc, see README.Debian.

(and it's not named lxc-container for that matter, since it will later be split out so that it handles vserver/xen/$whatever transformations too; see TODO)

  _Description: Automatically start Linux Containers on boot?
   Please choose whether appropriately configured Linux Containers should
   be automatically started during system boot, and shut down on reboot or
   To take advantage of this, copy or symlink their configuration files
   into the /etc/lxc/auto directory.

s/appropriately configured //

otherwise sounds good, thanks.

Well, taking out the "appropriately configured" makes it less obvious
that these are particular containers (referred back to by the "their"
later on) rather than the whole LXC system that's being autostarted.

Are you unhappy with it because it sounds as if it's a variable being
set in the configuration file?

yes, it sounds to me as if they would need to be specifically prepared (in the rootfs or in the config file) to be auto started/stopped.

If so, would "appropriately linked" or
something like that be better?

it doesn't necessary need to be a sym- or hardlink, the config file can also be a copied. how about this:

Please choose whether Linux Containers which have their configuration file copied or symlinked into the /etc/lxc/auto directory should
be automatically started during system boot, and shut down on reboot or

splitting into two sounded first a good idea, but makes things actually more complicated. what do you think?

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