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Re: [Debian-l10n-devel] DDTSS - feature request: aging for pending translations

Hi Grisu,
some month ago somebody pulled in several descriptions dealing with
very specific scientific subjects. Nobody dared to translate them.
They are just hanging around there.

I would love to see some kind of automatic aging: putting them at the
and of the pending list or automatic removal from the list after some
delta t.
Another option might be giving language coordinators to remove entries
from this list.


* pending translation
* pending review
* or both?

should I remove something in the old system per hand?
CC'ing i18n to get more opinions.

Aging entries in pending translation would be nice. Perhaps sending an
automatic mail if somebody used an account may be a good idea:

Dear ..., nobody volunteered
to translate the description of $package to $language for $(delta t). Perhaps the subject is very specific and the package will be translated if you requeue
the description with some hints in the comment field ...

More general I think it might be a nice option to remove entries in pending
translation. So one|the language coordinator|the admin could revert the
effects of "scripts under development" (TM) or maybe some day respond to
the complaints of (possible) contributors: "Hey man, I would really love to
choose my next translation myself."

Rethinking the subject I ask myself whether I want to handle the remaining
four bones of contention sportsmanlike and remove them the hard way ....


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