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Report errors in single-shot packages?


some month ago a scientific package was pulled into the DDTSS. I still
hesitate to translate it as the subject is beyond my education. On the
other hand its description is - to be honest - quite ugly. Lots of missing
spaces, bad English and an unfortunate formatting of an enumeration.

And I wonder whether its worth filing a bug report. It is only part of squeeze, the description can still be understood and until the eol of squeeze it will
pop up for users seeking information on that particular package. Altogether
it's a minor issue.

If I understand things right, the current strategy for issues like this is just
to do nothing? Its quite a lot of work to upload a new version with just
the description improved. On the other hand, things might be automated.

While writing this mail, I learned that the successor of the package still
uses most of the old description. So I'll have to file a bug at the successor,
at least.


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