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Re: Proposal: the way of DDTP back to ddtp.debian.org

On 08/31/2011 05:11 PM, Erik Esterer wrote:
2011/8/31 Michael Bramer<grisu@debian.org>:
On 08/31/2011 05:02 PM, Erik Esterer wrote:
Since you fix bugs and write new code for the web interface: has the
short description field a<textarea>    tag now? The old interface used
the<input>    tag only for the short description and Iceweasel ignored
it for spell checking. the<textarea>    works with Iceweasel spell

Yes, that's what I'd want :)

I test this patch:
ndex e3397d3..4ce43e1 100644
--- a/src/ddtp/templates/ddtss/translate.html
+++ b/src/ddtp/templates/ddtss/translate.html
@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ Translated:
 {% endfor %}
- <li>Translated ({{lang.language}}): <input type="text" name="short" value="{{trans.display_short}}" size="75" onchange="document.forms[0].submit.disabled=0" /></div></li> + <li>Translated ({{lang.language}}): <textarea name="short" rows="1" cols="75" onchange="document.forms[0].submit.disabled=0" />{{trans.display_short}}</textarea></div></li>
 <h5>Long description</h5>
 <a href="javascript:showlongdiff('None')" >None</a> |

But this patch is not working:
- I can input more than 1 line
- I have a scroll-bar at the right side


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