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Re: Interest in usage survey and data mining?

Quoting Martijn van O (kleptog@gmail.com):

> But yes, the whole issue of anonymous contributors is clearly hot,
> though I don't personally understand the issue. I added users mostly
> because people wanted statistics, it was never really intended as a
> true authentication issue (there's no actual state of options to

Yes, I understand. But it turns out that this system was indeed also a
good way to get "some" usefl non anonymity. When I work on a tricky
translation with another translator through the DDTSS, it's quite easy
to switch to mail (I know who "tvincent", "adrien", "bruno666" are...).

> remember). Would it make it easier if you could use a federated login
> like openid? Then the password becomes less of an issue.

Yes, definitely. I was thinking about this when people asked for their
password to be reinitiated. Using Alioth authentication could also be
good (we can ask Alioth admins if they would be OK with that).

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