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Interest in usage survey and data mining?


recently we discussed anonymous contributions to the DDTP. Potential and actual problems were clearly addressed - and there are diverging answers. (Why don't they
uncover themselves? Is it better not to accept those contributions?)

Grisu provided some
initial statistics - with a very simple analisys. During this discussion there was also some contest on the topic "my work is more user-visible than yours" (debconf/ddtp).

Debian provides a lot of localized software and documentation originating from different sources. There is pure Debian work (debconf, DDTP, Debian specific stuff such as debhelper) and surely more from other sources (GNOME, KDE, FSF, the translation project). In spite of the possibility that Jon Doe might see Debian responsible for every third party work compiled and distributed by Debian: I would be interested in the reception of our work! Would anybody dare to ask on her debian-xx-user list? The answers might be disappointing. However, the group interviewed and those who actually answer might not be representative.
I'm also interested in your personal impressions.

Would anybody be interested in deeper insight in the contributor's structure and time series? Just out of curiosity? Perhaps there are differences among the teams?

First results/hypothesis on the team lists which are actually (access) statistics:

- There are people that work on the three descriptions they are interested in - with and
   without an account.

 - There may be less contributors than entries in the team list.

Why? I use DHCP and get different IP addresses. When I'm not logged in, I get varying addresses. As I'm logged in most of the time (and do most of the interactive work with the same browser), but not always, I got multiple entries in the statistics (at least two).

To be more precise, we should present results in the form "There were $n contributions from ISP $bar in $year". (There are at least three DDs in the area covered by my ISP -
   and me.)

- Some people just have a glance at the translation page and surf on.

- For some reason people don't even manage to create an account. (From the German "team" [in the sense of "everybody that hit the web site since logging started"], e.g.
  giammi  and Giammi. Both entries lack e-mail address and real name.)

  Did they surf away or contribute some anonymous work?

- Some long-standing contributors are "semi-anonymous'".

  They do not log in, but
they do permanent work for several years, work that is very much aprechiated by the regular "non-anyms" (mainly reviews and corrections). And they can be identified, even if they don't sign their comments ... Some of them even have
  an account.

- Some former contributors have chosen to work on different subjects. BTW, there are people that said they don't like to work with a system that is as unstable
  as the DDTSS was a year ago. There has been a significant decrease in
  donwtimes ;-)


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