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work today on the old ddtss stuff


some DDTP / DDTSS stuff from the last Days:

- two days ago I 'remove' the team and project messages
- We work on the new web interface and this will be a message system (my next step)
- today I add the (stupid) framework to the old ddtss system.
- and add the team and project messages again
- today a add a team-list page. If you are a admin, you have access to this page.

If you a 'admin' you can add messages for the project (for all languages) and for only for your team.

Some users ask in the past to get admin rights. I add some of this.

If you like admin status, write me a mail with you ddtss login name. If you make translations and reviews in the past, I will add you as to the admin group.

If you have comments about the messag system, write a mail. We like to use the experience with the old system, and make the new system better with it.



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