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Re: SV: Bug#621834: marked as done (DDTP - accessibility problem, probably database corroption)

Dnia 12-08-2011 o 09:40:43 Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> napisał(a):

Why can't "this IP" get a login?

Well, but anonymous users aren't any kind of problem for polish translat(ors|ions), so I don't see any profits for forbidding anonymous contributions. And it's not fair to do it without any notification.

It's hard to work with DDTSS, due to frequently problems with server and lack of features (BTW: thanks to all who create new version of site, which should solve this problems), so please don't add one more reason to give up, and stop contribute at all.

As Michael Bramer said: Please don't close door if there is no reason to do it.

Michał Kułach

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