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Re: [Q] Cannot login to ddtss.debian.net

On 08/12/2011 08:41 AM, Martijn van O wrote:
2011/8/12 Takahide Nojima<nozzy123nozzy@gmail.com>:
I have a problem using ddtss.debian.net, can anyone help me?

  I fill the login form with ID and Passwrod,and push 'submit' button,
ddtss.d.n. always shows 'Login Successfull'. However, after page moves
top page,'Info about' section still shows 'not logged in'. I do reload
browser,status doesn't change.

This usually means you have cookies disabled.

please test it...

yesterday 'Karolina' have the same problem... I reset the passwort and after this it was working.

If you have still Problems, write me a privat mail..


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