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Re: SV: Bug#621834: marked as done (DDTP - accessibility problem, probably database corroption)

Quoting Martin Eberhard Schauer (Martin.E.Schauer@gmx.de):
> Joe Dalton wrote:
> >Danish still has a problem. It is not possible to anonymous review translation. Please open up again.
> I can confirm it. I could open the libwavpack1 description for
> review (1), but the only
> option offered is "change comment only". To be anonymous, I choose
> Epiphany to visit
> the page.
> And then I made another visit with Konqueror (logged in) and I could
> have accepted
> the translation. So I think it is a new feature not documented yet.
> Sometime within the last months there was a discussion on
> debian-l10n whether
> anonymous reviews should be accepted, initiated by complaints on the
> low quality
> German descriptions :-(. If I remember things right, Martijn
> suggested team specific
> adjustments.

Aha, finally, someone saw this..:-)

I silently changed this in early July in
/org/ddtp.debian.net/ddtss/ddtss-setup on churro:

# Set default values for all languages 
for my $lang (@langs)
# Minimum number of untranslated descriptions to have at any time
  $db->put("$lang/config/minuntranslated", '1');
# Number of reviewers before sending, can be zero
  $db->put("$lang/config/numreviewers", '3');
# Do we require translators to be registered?
  $db->put("$lang/config/requirelogin", '1');

This was done on purpose, as a way to really see how anon
contributions are done!

I voluntarily allowed anon contribs for German as we had a mention
that an active contributor was working this way BUT I STILL THINK WE
SHOULD DISABLE THAT ALSO (and I was indeed intending to disable it for
German too later on).

And, *now only*, someone notices..:)

Seems to me like a good proof that nearly nobody is seriously using
anonymous contributions in the DDTSS. Maybe with one exception: Danish..:)

So, my intent is to leave this as is. Of course, this is still
configurable per-language, as Martijn designed this very

However, before doing that for Danish, Joe, could you explain *why*
this is desired for Danish?

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