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SV: Bug#621834: marked as done (DDTP - accessibility problem, probably database corroption)

Joe Dalton wrote:
Danish still has a problem. It is not possible to anonymous review translation. Please open up again.
I can confirm it. I could open the libwavpack1 description for review (1), but the only option offered is "change comment only". To be anonymous, I choose Epiphany to visit
the page.

And then I made another visit with Konqueror (logged in) and I could have accepted
the translation. So I think it is a new feature not documented yet.

Sometime within the last months there was a discussion on debian-l10n whether anonymous reviews should be accepted, initiated by complaints on the low quality German descriptions :-(. If I remember things right, Martijn suggested team specific


1: http://ddtp.debian.net/ddtss/index.cgi/da/forreview/libwavpack1?1312989328

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