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Re: looking for translators for package fex

Quoting Ulli Horlacher (framstag@rus.uni-stuttgart.de):
> I am the author of F*EX, a web based application for file exchange of any
> size. See:
> http://packages.debian.org/unstable/web/fex
> So far there are locales for english, german, spanish and swabian.
> I am looking for translation help for other languages.
> reward: a fex-account on fex.rus.uni-stuttgart.de with virtually unlimited
> space :-)

Please notice that this "translation work" is about wast^W spending
your valuable time translating 600 strings by using a system that is
not gettext but specific to this software (the software is written in
Perl and the author apprently deliberately ignores libraries used by
dozens of Perl programs, such as the one provided in

The software author apparently doesn't really care about benefits of
gettext for translators and long-term maintenance of translations by
using efficient systems such as fuzzy matching, diffs with previous
original texts, translation memory and such systems used daily by most
of us.

So, in short, I guess I have already clearly stated that, in my
personal opinion, it's not worth spending valuable translator time on
this translation...at least not until efficient tools are used for it.

Of course, your mileage may vary.

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