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Re: i18n.debian.net being upgraded to squeeze

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):
> Starting....now, churro, aka i18n.debian.net, is being upgraded to
> squeeze.

The upgrade process is over. Nearly everything is OK. The only broken
stuff I can identify right now is http://i18n.debian.net home page, ie
the wiki powered by MoinMoin.

Of course, I'll monitor automated processes on churro to identify
possible breakage elsewhere. 

ATM, pootle.debian.net seems to be working well (it's not very widely
used, though) as well as ddtp.debian.net

Felipe will have a look at MoinMoin as soon as possible. It's
important to have it working as the home page gathers many links for
i1_n resources.

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