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Re: Yes/No in aptitude not localized due to this old bug

Quoting Helge Kreutzmann (debian@helgefjell.de):
> Hello,
> a recent discussion on debian-l10n-german revealed that "Yes/No" are
> not localized in aptitude, since this bug is not solve (although
> present sind 2009!). (Tests where done for German and French, in both
> languages in Lenny "ja" and "oui" where accepted, while now "yes" is
> the only accepted answer -- a regression!).
> I CC'ed the last person "working" on this bug, maybe he can comment if
> this "lingering" has some deeper reason or if the release team could
> be convinced to solve this for Squeeze?

I may be wrong and would be happy to be proven wrong, but development
on aptitude seems somehow stalled. I also haven't seen much activity
from Sven (who was for a quite long time as "l10n assistant" for the

Hopefully, I will be proven wrong: let's see.

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