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Re: darcsweb 1.1-4: Please translate debconf PO for the package darcsweb

Quoting Izharul Haq (atoz@debian-id.org):
> Hi,
> Is there any Indonesian translation for darcsweb? we send you
> translation results :)

Thank you for your work.

Please try, next time, to use the recommended way and send
translations as a bug report against the package. This way, things are
tracked down, the maintainer of the package is aware of the new
translation and it doesn't get "lost" in the debian-i18n mailing list.

Sending a translation as a bug report is as easy as using the
"reportbug" command on a Debian system....or even by just sending a
mail if you're not using a Debian system (see http://bugs.debian.org
for instructions about how to send bug reports).

I'll send the translation as a bug report myself this time...

Thanks again for your work.

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