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Re: [Pkg-clamav-devel] clamav: Bug report about wrong description in debconf question

> Quoting Michael Tautschnig (mt@debian.org):
> > We (as in clamav team) got a bug report about a wrong/misleading description for
> > one of the debconf questions we are possible asking the user. It's #602840 [1] -
> > we'll have to deal with getting the previous config values updated ourselves,
> > but by question to you is: Should we currently refrain from updating the
> > question text for the benefit of an (almost) fully localized squeeze release,
> > but at the cost of misleading our users?
> Could you send a possible patch to debconf templates to that bug so
> that we can get a rough idea of the change impact?

Sorry for the delayed reply. Looking at the template once again it seems that
the change is mostly a removal of text; the other change is the default value,
only. The exact diff is shown below.

Best regards,

diff --git a/debian/clamav-base.templates b/debian/clamav-base.templates
index e3d3c16..beadf07 100644
--- a/debian/clamav-base.templates
+++ b/debian/clamav-base.templates
@@ -87,11 +87,9 @@ _Description: Do you want to enable archive scanning?
 Template: clamav-base/StreamMaxLength
 Type: string
-Default: 0
+Default: 25
 _Description: Maximum stream length (unit Mb) allowed:
  You can set a limit on the stream length that can be scanned.
- .
- Entering '0' will disable this limit.
 Template: clamav-base/MaxDirectoryRecursion
 Type: string

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