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Re: [DDTSS] 3 problems with robot, debian-i18n


> churro (i18n.debian.net) had a file system full, which I solved today
> 13:30 UTC+1

> That may be related...or not.

Probably the database ddtss is based on was damaged in the meanwhile.
There are problems also for the Italian translations.

The symptoms are very similar to the ones observed a few months ago:
Now we can see on the system only the packages whose name begins with a
letter in [a-l].
Other packages are on the system with their translation correctly tracked,
but are not shown in the main page neither in the "Pending review" nor in
the "Reviewed by you" section.
(e.g. http://ddtp.debian.net/ddtss/index.cgi/it/forreview/xemacs21-support)

maybe the database needs some kind of rebuild?


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