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Re: Grub in D-I Level 2: stats not updated

Quoting Clytie Siddall (clytie@riverland.net.au):

> How close are we to release? (Sorry, I lose track.)

The release of squeeze is roughly planned for the end of the year but,
eh, this is Debian, so we never really know.

For D-I, beta1 should be released in the upcoming days. The
translation status is roughly what we had in July, with vietnamese
being 100% there.

Immediately after beta1, there should be an RC1 release, which will
mostly be an errata fix, but also includes a full translation
update. I sent a call for translations, for the entire level 1, 3 days
ago. Of course as, IIRC, vi is 100% there, you got no notifications.

For levels 2 and 3, I'll try to get all sent translations included in
the various packages (this is already nearly the case)....but that can
be done *after* the D-I release (with the notable exception os iso-codes).

> I've checked D-I and I'm updating the Manual: after that, what should my priorities be?

Well, I think you're OK. The squeeze release notes are not ready,
yet. There will be a call for translations for it. Better watch what's
going on here, in -i18n.

As of now, you can go through
http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po-debconf/vi (roughly from top to
down) and complete what's not complete yet.

If we had a debian-l10n-vietnamese mailing list, status messages could
be sent there so that you have status like what you can see on
http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po-debconf/es (the most important part
being bug reports "recorded" on the status page).

Even though such a list wouldn't be very relevant for vi l10n work (as
far as I know, you're mostly alone, Clytie), it could be useful at
least for this.

I can try helping out to have such a list if you think that such
status tracking could be useful (in your specific case, it might be a
tremendous help for you for tracking things during the time perios
where you can be active).

> I notice the Release Notes have been modified quite a bit. Are they ready for pretty-much-final translation?

Not yet, imho.

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