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Re: templates.pot file for transtation.

Quoting Vincenzo Campanella (vinz65@gmail.com):

> I found a typo in the template:

There might be other issues. For instance, the templates show that a
choice of language is offerred....but doesn't show any language list
as translatable material.

A language choice template is quite specific when it comes at debconf

To illustrate this, let's imagine that the software exists in 3
English, Spanish, German

The German translator probably wants to propose "Deutsch" as default
language and see the following choices:
Englisch, Spanisch, Deutsch

The Spanish translator wants "Español" (or "Castellano", if (s)he has
Catalan roots...:-)) among:
Inglés, Español, Alemán

And the French one, after ranting and striking, will want:
Anglais, Espagnol, Allemand
and use "Anglais" as default because his|her language is not offerred
in choices (hence the strike).

As you see, translating the various possible language choices...and
eventually setting de default that depends on the current language are
both possible. See po-debconf(7) for details.

However, to help you doing this, we'd need to see the original
templates file (the file you put in debian/ and that's named
"templates" or "<package>.tempaltes").

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