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Re: Bug#585482: Possible l10n upload of clamav to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs?

Quoting Michael Tautschnig (mt@debian.org):

> Now I'm slightly confused: Should we upload or not? We do indeed have some other
> fixes queued as well, so an NMU indeed isn't the best option, but we could
> basically upload at any time, we were just waiting for more fixes to accumulate.
> If, instead, you want us to wait for a few more moments that's absolutely fine.
> Would you just let us know which way to go?

Please upload now. This NMU proposal was made to put a gentle pressure
on you guys...:-)... I know you're responsiveand just wanted to be
sure that these l10n fixes go out of my radard. I haven't launched a
call for translations yet (without answer, I would have considered
doing so this upcoming week-end....or would indeed have waited to talk
with some of you during DebConf....).

As I haven't sent a call for translations yet, there is not deadline
as of now, so going ahead is the best option.

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