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Serbian Latin D-I translation announcement


I would like to announce that debian-installer translation for Serbian
in Latin script (sr@latin) has started. It is basically just a
transcoded version of Serbian Cyrillic (sr) translation on which
Karolina Kalić <karolina@janos.in.rs> and I started to work on three
weeks ago. In Serbia, the two scripts are used equally, even Cyrillic
was made the official script of Serbia's administration by the recent
constitution. For other details and some interesting facts you can
check wikipedia page [1].

We are glad that we can contribute to Debian project. Beside recently
started translation effort, we are maintaining a few packages under
main Debian repository.

I would like to thank Christian Perrier who has guided me through The
New Language Process.

Janoš Guljaš

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serbian_language

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