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New strings in Debian Installer sublevels 1 to 3

Now that l10n updates and uploads happened in preparation of Debian
Installer squeeze beta 1 release, I could add two new packages to the
list of packages which templates are aggregated together in Debian
Installer PO files: partmand-btrfs and partman-ufs

These packages' strings are very similar to strings used in other
partman-* packages, so most new strings are already pre-filled for many
languages and just need minor updates to be complete again.

There is no strict deadline to complete this, but I would urge D-I
translators to do the update when possible. I really dream of D-I
releases where I wouldn't have to prod late comers..:-)

The statistics pages are currently being updated and you should soon
get websec notices, for those of you who are subscribed to this "service".


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