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Re: Intent to NMU slbackup to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

>> > If you'd rather do the fix yourself, I will of course leave the package
>> > alone. Same if you have reasons not to do the update now.
>> What's the best for you? If it's just updated debconf translations for
>> russian (#569574) and spanish (#578034), I can upload later today? If
>> there is more updates that you would like to include, I have no problems
>> with you NMUing it. :)
> My proposal is in the middle of this: as usual when I'm doing an l10n
> NMU, I send a call for translations to give translators an opportunity
> to send new translations. Sometimes, one or two flow in...sometimes
> none does. That call for translations lasts for one week. Then, I
> upload the NMU.
> However, the important thing for me is an upload to happen, and a
> maintainer upload is much better, of course. 
> So, what I propose in such cases, where the maintainer is responsive
> (some aren't): I send a call for translations, I gather and check what
> is eventually coming in and, after one week, I send you a summary that
> sounds like a "go for upload". Would that be OK for you?

Of course, and thanks! :)

- Werner

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