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Re: Proofreader for .ru translation needed

Quoting bd@bc-bd.org (bd@bc-bd.org):
> Hi,
> Алекс <davian818@gmail.com> created an updated ru.po [1] for a package I maintain,
> namely revelation [2].
> Since I don't speak Russian I'd like to ask someone who does to proofread it and
> send me some feedback.

Hello Stefan,

Indeed, there is a chance that someone volunteers for this. After all,
we have a fairly active team for Russian localization.

However, I'd like to raise a concern wrt your message: the common
practice in l10n is often leaving confidence to people who propose a
translation for a given language and assume that the translation is of
decent quality enough for being included without prior check.

I understand this may look as opposite to a tradition of quality we
have in softare development, but that's indeed a realistic point of
view: resources in l10n are often scarce (work not very highly
rewarding, many languages,e tc.)....so it may sound somehow
discouraging to potential translators that their work has to be
"reviewed" before being included.

Confidence in translators' work has been of of the grounds that made
software l10n still happen so I would advise always balancing between
a research of quality and getting your software widely localized.

This is certainly a debatable point. After all, low quality
translation is also sometimes deserving the localization work (I'm for
instance thinking about recurrent debates, here, afout low quality
l10n and I even sometimes myself rant about low quality l10n in my own

My advice would be, finally: if someone volunteers to at least have a
look at this l10n work, that's great. If nobody does, either include
the translation work...or make another attempt in
debian-l10n-russian. But, at the end, if really nobody wants to review
the translation, maybe include it anyway.

Hope this helps...

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