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Re: subscribing to changes? [was: Re: [D-I] False "4t->4u' message for popularity-contest]

Quoting Andrei Popescu (andreimpopescu@gmail.com):

> How can I subscribe to such changes? As far as I can tell the websec-txt 

By asking me.:-)

> requires a rather complete checkout of d-i and a cronjob to run
> 'svn up && websec-txt ro'. Unfortunately, running 'svn up' from a 
> cronjob is tricky because of ssh :(

You could do this on an anonymous checkout. Still, websec is actually
run from the "d-i" account on people.debian.org, so it's indeed "only"
a matter of someone with access to this account (ATM, me and Luk
Claes) to add people who want to be added to these notices.

Actually, Eddy was getting notices for Romanian. I kept him listed but
added you.

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