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Re: Diffing .po files

On Thu,20.May.10, 10:50:48, Dwayne Bailey wrote:
> This might also help:
> http://markmail.org/message/zyxbczw6haro6bmk
> It's a diff'ing tool based on the Translate Toolkit, if you find it
> useful it would great to get some help to better integrate it into the
> toolkit.

Yep, I mentioned that in my original mail, but AFAICT it is a GUI tool, 
where I was looking for something that can be easily pasted in a mail.  
The best solution so far is:

$ podiff old.po new.po | wdiff -d

(the wdiff makes sense especially on very long strings, like d-i or the 
release notes)

The output I can paste directly into a mail message and then I just need 
to insert comments if applicable.

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