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Diffing .po files

[Sorry for the cross-post. Please follow-up as you see fit and I'll 
summarize for the other list. No need to CC me as I'm subscribed to both 


While (trying to) review changes to a large .po file with relatively few 
strings changed I started looking for some way to show only the changed 
strings, or at least find a way to easily spot them out.

Google searches have so far found only 
which seems to talk about some GUI tool. My goal is to do this in text 
only, because I want to paste (parts of) the output in e-mail.

Since I didn't find anything suitable I started patching together a .po 
syntax highlighting that includes wdiff highlighting. The problem I'm 
seeing right now is that wdiff will include " (double quotes) *inside* 
its markers, thus breaking the .po highlighting:

[-#, fuzzy-]
msgid "Exit installer"
msgstr "Părăsește programul de [-instalare demonstrativ"-] {+instalare"+}

I was expecting something like this:

[-#, fuzzy-]
msgid "Exit installer"
msgstr "Părăsește programul de [-instalare demonstrativ-] {+instalare+}"

same thing happens with other punctuation:

[-#, fuzzy
#| msgid "Choose a locale:"-]
msgid "System locale:"
msgstr [-"Alegeți o localizare:"-] {+"Locale sistem:"+}

My guess is wdiff uses spaces as word delimiter, but the man page is 
silent about this and web searches also didn't turn up anything.

Any hints or other ideas how to fix this?


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