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Re: fwknop debconf template bug?

2010/5/14 Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>:
> Quoting Francisco Javier Cuadrado (fcocuadrado@gmail.com):
>> In the first string, I suppose that it asks for a file containing an
>> encryption key, but in the second string when it says "This password
>> must be at least eight characters in length." and I don't know if that
>> password is the first string, so the first string is wrong, or it's
>> another thing that doesn't appear in the template.
>> In any case, I think the debconf template is wrong.
> I'd suggest getting the source and looking at the *original* template
> file:
> apt-get source fwknop
> cd fwknop-*
> cd debian
> more *.templates
> If you feel these templates are badly worded, or incorrect, then place
> point debconf-l10n-english on them. The good way to do this is posting
> a mail and with "Subject: [TAF] templates://fwknop/<name of templates file>".
> preferrably with a small rationale explaining why you think these
> tempaltes should be reviewed.

I filled a bug in fwknop BTS, so I expect fwknop mantainer can tell me
if debconf template is correct or not, and then I will do whatever is

> Then someone (very likely /me) will step up and work on a
> review...plus a translation update round.

Thanks for the info! ;)



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