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Re: Integrating reviews and translations in the Debian Project News

Hi everyone :)

For translators new to Debian News (e.g. me ;) ):

On 31/03/2010, at 7:17 PM, Alexander Reichle-Schmehl wrote:

> Simon Paillard schrieb:
>>> * I guess one weekend is okay for you to finish the translation?
>> It may be a bit short, in that case IMO releasing the translation may be
>> up to the translation team.
> Well, the problem is, that the more time we give translators, the more things can happen in the meantime.

How long is Debian News normally? In what format will we receive it? Do you have any translation guidelines or formatting rules?

After searching Debian (for some reason the Debian website search crashed my browser, twice) then searching by Google, I found the DPN.


It really helps to have this sort of info in your introductory email. Looking at the current issue:


unfortunately I am unable to translate this amount of text weekly. You may find this applies to other low-resource language teams.

Looking at the text, maybe some teams can prioritize items according to their community's needs, and summarize them as well, although that's difficult with the brief paras.

I also couldn't find DPN in SVN.

<extended digging noises>

Or is this it?


Sorry, I can't translate the Debian News into Vietnamese. However, if you come across anyone who might be able to help with Vietnamese translation, don't let him or her get away!

(Chocolate works for me. Debian Vietnamese translation runs almost entirely on Cadbury chocolate. I'm thinking of putting in for a chocolate support grant. ;) )

from Clytie 

Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team

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